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"Because Of An All-On-X, I Can Smile With Confidence."

I had dentures before, or partials, and I just was really unhappy with it. I didn’t want to smile. I couldn’t eat an apple. I couldn’t eat corn on the cob, and I was just worried about them always falling out. I wanted a more permanent solution, that’s why I came to Dr. Morales and Florida Dental Rejuvenation.

I wanted a more permanent solution, that's why I came to Dr. Morales and Florida Dental Rejuvenation.

dental patient after smile makeover

Dr. Morales:

With Kelly, she was frustrated because it wasn’t like the first, second, or third time. She’s going to invest in her mouth. She already had crowns before, root canals, and she had a couple of partials, but she wasn’t satisfied with it. She complains she couldn’t enjoy food properly. She couldn’t chew. Especially now we’re talking about the golden years, you don’t want to worry about something that’s simple. For most of other case, chewing, but for her, it was kind of an ordeal, so the solution for her was to do an All-on-X treatment.


My husband was hesitant about me getting implants because of the cost, but they gave me a very reasonable price. I knew I wanted this. I have my confidence back. I can go anywhere. I don’t have to put them in and out. I can just smile like I used to smile. People used to say, “Your smile is everything,” and I smile really big. Now, I can smile with confidence.

Dr. Morales:

We have to remove those bridges because they have decay underneath. Especially after investing money previously. I want to give her something that she didn’t want to have to worry about it for the longest time possible. Also, her dedication and the trust that she put in to us. She said, “You are the expert. You are the one who knows what’s going to be the best for me, and I’ll completely trust your professional opinion.” That’s how we came with the treatment.


The moment that I got to see my smile in the mirror, it meant everything to me. No words can express how good it feels to have my smile back. I wish I would’ve done this earlier because it’s just been such a pleasant experience. This is so comfortable, so at ease. I’m very comfortable with telling anybody that, “Yeah, you need to come here and do this.”

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