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Soft Tissue Treatment with a Soft Touch

While your teeth generally get all the credit for allowing you to eat and speak, your soft tissues such as your gums also perform vital functions that shouldn’t be ignored. Most notably, your gums form the protective barrier that keeps infection out of your mouth while holding your teeth in. Sometimes having too little or too much gum tissue can make you feel self-conscious, can limit essential oral functions and can even endanger the health of your teeth. Our skilled prosthodontists at Florida Dental Rejuvenation offer customized soft tissue periodontal treatment such as frenectomies, crown lengthening and tooth lengthening in Delray Beach, FL, gently rebalancing and restoring your dental health and quality of life!

Most notably, your gums form the protective barrier that keeps infection out of your mouth while holding your teeth in.

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Signs You Have Soft Tissue Problems

Our Top Soft Tissue Treatments

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Gum Recontouring

If you have too much gum tissue covering your teeth, you may have a very “gummy” smile. With care and precision, gum recontouring reshapes your gum tissue and removes excess bone around your teeth, restoring symmetry and improving your tooth-to-gum ratio.

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Crown Lengthening

With crown extension surgery, our experts adjust the bone level of your teeth so that more of the tooth is exposed. Crown lengthening is another way of alleviating a gummy smile, and may also be needed after the placement of dental implants.

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The slender piece of tissue that connects your top lip to your gums, and your tongue to the bottom of your mouth, is called a frenulum. If either of these tissues is too restrictive, you may have problems eating or speaking, causing tongue-tie or lip-tie. Receiving a frenectomy in Delray Beach, FL releases this problematic tissue, allowing your lips and tongue free movement.

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Gum Grafting

If your gums are receding or pulling away from your teeth, this may leave the sensitive roots of your teeth exposed. Gum grafting restores this receded tissue, usually replacing it with tissue from your own mouth. This tissue graft will fuse with your existing gums, alleviating the sensitivity of your teeth and restoring your healthy gum line.

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Making Soft Tissue Treatments Affordable

We realize that you may be concerned about the cost of crown lengthening surgery, or worried about paying for your frenectomy. That’s why we offer a variety of third-party financing options that can help you break down your payments for soft tissue treatment.

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