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Catch the Signs of Disease Early

Gum disease can start quietly. At first, you may notice tenderness or bleeding when you brush or floss. When plaque and calculus are allowed to accumulate on your teeth, your gums can become inflamed and tender, eventually pulling away from your teeth. If left unchecked, this periodontal infection can cause more than annoying bleeding, however. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, bone loss and even cause systemic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes complications. Our skilled, caring periodontist team at Florida Dental Rejuvenation offers highly effective, minimally-invasive gum disease treatment that keeps infection at bay and maintains proper oral health for years to come. We partner with third-party dental financing companies to ensure that your entire periodontal disease treatment process is easy from start to finish. Don’t wait for your symptoms to get worse!

When plaque and calculus are allowed to accumulate on your teeth, your gums can become inflamed and tender, eventually pulling away from your teeth

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The Warning Signs of Periodontal Disease

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Targeted Treatment by an Expert Periodontist

The good news is that you can prevent and treat gum disease, especially if you catch it early by visiting our periodontist! The first step is to brush and floss your teeth regularly and to keep up with your regular dental checkups. If you do require treatment for gum disease, we’re your team to trust. We provide multiple gum disease treatments in Delray Beach, FL, depending on the severity of your case and the stage of your periodontal disease. We’ll begin with an oral examination and consultation.

Our periodontist will assess your oral health and provide you with a customized treatment plan that reflects your unique needs. Depending on your anxiety level, we may offer you sedation dentistry options to help you stay comfortable throughout your visit. With proper treatment and maintenance, as well as good oral healthcare habits, gum disease doesn’t have to damage your smile again!

Our Gum Disease Treatments

Scaling and root planing are often the first steps in the fight against periodontal disease and periodontitis. Scaling removes bacterial plaque from above and below your gum line, while root planing smooths the surfaces of your teeth in order to encourage healthy tissue growth and protect against future infection.

Osseous surgery is the most aggressive treatment for advanced gum infection in Delray Beach, FL. It involves removing diseased gum tissue and repairing the damaged bone to restore support to your teeth. This surgical procedure also removes the bacteria and calculus that have become trapped in the deep pockets between your teeth.

Once you have received your gingivitis treatment, periodontal maintenance is recommended to ensure that it doesn’t return. This procedure is completed every three to four months and involves a deep cleaning of your teeth at and below the gum line. These deep cleanings remove bacteria and plaque accumulation and replace your regularly scheduled hygiene appointments.

Don’t Wait For Your Gum Disease To Get Worse.

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