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Fear of going to the dentist can keep many of our Delray Beach, FL patients from receiving the dental care that is critical to keep their smile healthy. If that sounds like you, put your mind at ease. You’ll have a stress-free experience here at Florida Dental Rejuvenation. Our practice is known for its comfortable amenities, positivity and high-end technology that makes it easy to overcome your concerns. In fact, we not only want you to receive the dental care you need, but also for you to enjoy your dental visit. We offer sedation dentistry services customized to your unique needs, minimizing your anxiety and worry. Sedation anesthesia near you can also be used to combine multiple procedures into a single appointment, minimizing the amount of time you spend in our chair. Let our sedation dentistry treatment put your fears to rest and change not only your relationship with dentistry, but your smile!

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Signs You May Need Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Services

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Oral Sedation

As its name suggests, oral sedation is a form of dental anesthesia taken orally. In many cases, this medication can be taken an hour before treatment, or even when you arrive at our prosthodontist’s office. Depending on the type of medication and the potency of your dental anesthesia prescription, you may feel anything between a moderate decrease of anxiety to even falling asleep in the dentist’s chair! With this form of sedation, you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you home from your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is perhaps the most famous form of dental anesthesia. Also called “laughing gas,” it is a gaseous medication that you inhale through a nasal mask. Although you likely won’t laugh at your treatment, you’ll often feel drowsy or relaxed through your procedure. With this dental anesthesia, you’ll remain relaxed, conscious and responsive throughout your care. After treatment is done, the flow of nitrous oxide to your mask is stopped, and only oxygen is breathed until the mask is removed. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly, allowing you to drive yourself home.

Don’t Let Your Fear Hold You Back

If you feel anxious about the sights, sounds or smells of a dental office, you aren’t alone! Sedation dentistry just might be the solution that keeps you away from long-term effects to your health. Receiving regular dental care can actually help prevent more serious dental issues as well as systemic conditions from occurring. Tooth decay can lead to gum disease, causing tooth loss. If left unchecked, this disease-causing bacteria can spread throughout the body, leading to high blood pressure, diabetes complications and even cardiovascular disease.

We don’t believe that anyone should experience these side effects, which is why we encourage everybody to consider sedation dentistry in Delray Beach, FL. We also partner with third-party financing companies that will help break down your treatment process into easy monthly payments. Don’t let your oral health challenge take over your whole body! Explore your sedation dentistry options with us at Florida Dental Rejuvenation in Delray Beach, FL, and receive the dental care that can change your life in absolute comfort.

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