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Have you Ever Wondered What Your Perfect Smile Looks Like?

Thanks to technological advancements in the dental field, we are able to work with patients to understand what each of their individual dental goals and visions are for what their perfect smile would look like. Digital smile design allows us to show the patient what their smile will look like before we begin the process making it easy and convenient for them to make any adjustments they may deem necessary. Our in-house lab makes it easy for our doctors to craft a custom smile to you in the most efficient way possible.

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Advanced Technology for a Perfect Smile

The first step in the process of crafting your perfect smile is to have you reach out to us and schedule an appointment with our smile makeover team. Once the appointment has been made and you are in the office, we’ll discuss a wide array of topics including dental history and the current state of your oral health. Next comes the mapping process where we discuss you goals and the vision you have for your smile.

We start by taking impressions that will be digitally converted in our in-house dental lab. Once that part of the process is complete, we will begin going over the details of your vision for your smile and we can get started on the road to bringing your dream smile to life.

During your consultation, you will speak with Dr. Alexis Morales and our in-house lab technician who will be responsible for establishing the digitally guided process that will make your dream smile a reality.

Part of the pre-treatment Digital Smile Design process is to take an impression of your bite, which will allow us to create a digital rendering of your full upper and lower arches. From there, we will take a fully guided digital approach that will result in you leaving our Delray Beach office with a stunning, brilliant new smile.

The actual smile makeover treatment will be unique for each patient. As no two smiles are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to crafting a perfect smile and each treatment may include different elements for different patients, from porcelain veneer placement to advanced whitening treatments. For patients in need of more extensive procedures, dental implant surgery may be necessary.

The last step of the Digital Smile Design process is to enjoy your brilliant, perfectly crafted smile! Our team will provide you with all of the post-treatment instructions you’ll need to ensure proper maintenance and hygiene, and will also schedule any follow-up appointments that may be necessary.

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Dr. Morales

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A digital, hands-on approach to the smile of your dreams.

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