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"I Couldn't Eat Properly, An All-On-X Gave Me My Function Back!"

What happened with me was I was getting older, okay? And my teeth were starting to deteriorate. And I had a lot of work done over the years, this tooth, that tooth. I didn’t have any implants but I had bridges. Finally, it became impossible for me to eat properly because things were just wearing out.

Finally, it became impossible for me to eat properly because things were just wearing out.

Dr. Alexis Morales Posing And Smiling With Gary, A Dental Implant Patient, After His Full Arch Procedure

Dr. Morales:

Gary, he had a situation, he invested money. He has on failing bridges, teeth that were just fracturing, and some of the teeth have a little bit of mobility. He knows by the next it is going to be implants. But he didn’t know what can do implant for him. Is it going to be like, a single implant for an already single tooth? Or we can put just a few implants and have a full arch restored.


My problem wasn’t the way I thought I look. My problem was functional. I couldn’t eat properly. I couldn’t chew right. It was getting to the point where it wasn’t fun. So, I knew something had to be done and that’s when I decided to come forward with Dr. Morales.

Dr. Morales:

We talked. We showed him previous cases. He was all up for it. At the beginning, he was a little bit sad. I don’t blame him because of the money that he had spent previously in treatment and have to go in for the third time to change his smile. And again, we determine that the All-on-X procedure was the best outcome for him.


I approached Dr. Morales and he suggested we do a full mouth restoration, which we did, and it’s like having a new life. It really is.

Dr. Morales:

It is really good that when you feel how you change somebody’s perspective and also the attitude. A smile is really important, but sometimes we don’t realize how important it is. Not just the beauty part, not just the function part, but also as a person, how a nice smile is going to make you more secure.


For me, it was life-changing because, you know, my own teeth and what had been done previously was starting to deteriorate and it didn’t look great. I think this looks fine. I really do. I’m very happy with it. I recommend Dr. Morales very much. I’ve had a lot of, I’ve recommended him to friends of mine that have become patients of his. My own wife is now a patient of Dr. Morales. She just had some work done and she was very satisfied.

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